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I've Been Paramore[d]!

Have you?

I've Been Paramore[d]! A Paramore icon community.
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Have you been Paramore[d]? If so come and join us!
I've Been PARAMORE[D]!
Welcome to "I've Been Paramore[d]! A Paramore icon community" We invite all of you Paramore fans or parawhores as some of us like to be called, to celebrate a seriously awesome band. If you haven't checked out their first album, "All We Know is Falling" or even their new album "RIOT!" you should, their music speaks volumes. It'll have you hooked in no time.

Paramore is:

Hayley Williams
Josh Farro
Zac Farro
Jeremy Davis

Other stuff and whatnot:

This a community for those of us who like to shout our creativity from the roof tops. Feel free to post any and all Paramore related icons in here, we say, the more the freaking merrier!

We do ask that you table your discussions of the band elsewhere as this is strictly an icon community. If you would like to chat it up about the band we suggest you check out http://paramoreforums.net and meet a lot of other great Paramore fans there.

I think that's it. Just have fun, after all that's what it's all about. :) Oh and if you haven't picked up their new album "RIOT!" ... seriously, what's wrong with you? Go get it! :)
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Want more Paramore? Check out their livejournal paramoreband and see what's up with the band.